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Practice Negotiation - For Your Mom

On Monday, my Mom had a stroke. She is doing well and recovering. It made me once again see how important feeling comfortable with negotiation is so I thought I would share a story that is a part of my world.

Susie with a Microphone

Negotiation strategies help us every day as we are constantly facing high-stakes situations. We may need to realize it because we often assume that high stakes are associated..

Negotiate like an Egyptian

Egypt is where negotiation is expected and normalized in every transaction for goods with the vendors. It made me uncomfortable to know that any item I would purchase would take negotiation. But when I passed the vendor outside the ancient temple selling hats, I decided to try. 

3 Ways to Be a Better Human by Leveraging Silence

Practicing silence makes us better humans.  That may seem a bit overstated, but it is true. I learned to stay silent during an intense negotiation by focusing in my head and repeating,

“the first one who talks loses.”

7 Power Skills That Will Catapult Your Career

Based on 30 years of executive experience, I realized that in addition to competency in one’s area of expertise, there are seven skills that rising leaders need to master for career success.

Quick Prep is a Quick Tip

Quick tips are the best way to learn something to put in place immediately.

Your business card, your source of confidence?

I did not realize my confidence came from the position I held, until I lost it.

Don’t listen to feedback

Feedback and growth are directly related. But all feedback is not equal. Sometimes you should make note of it so that you can hear it at the right time when you can take from it the most impactful insights for you.

10 networking essentials that will put you in the drivers seat!

I know I need to network, but I won't like it!

Finding Purpose

This is what people are always searching for. Finding your purpose should not be a check-the-goal box toward a purpose statement.

Wake UP! Wake Up! It's FINALS week!

Should we apply the finals week notion to our professional space?

Workplace Politics,

like driving on a Highway

Life is a highway, and so is the workplace.

Struggle Inspires Growth

When we look back objectively, we learn the most.

It is Everywhere - Always Leverage it.

Leverage is all around us - all of the time.

The Target Strategy

Even though you may not realize, it may still be happening to you.

The Target Strategy, has it been used on you?

Opting in is the only way to progress professionally

As I look back on my career, the only regret is not opting in more often.

How a thank you note can ruin your weekend

I lifted this story from my book, The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation because it illustrates how easy and nuanced it is when we negotiate with ourselves.

Create Standing Room Only Meetings

Negotiation is essential for any leader, any professional, for us all. Negotiation, at its core, is finding common ground between people.

I was in a Vegas Show!

I was in Vegas at the NAB show. For decades, it has been an enormous show, conference, and meet-up for the telecommunications industry. This year felt different.

Work-Life Integration

As I think back on my experience of living my best self as a working parent, it felt messy. Sometimes incredible and other times stressful. We imagine that it will be glorious, but not so much.

When you score for the other team, you never forget

It seems like yesterday, even though it has been decades. It was the state semi-finals for our high school basketball team, and I was a senior.

Don't be the path of least resistance

The path of least resistance is not where your opportunities lie. I learned this lesson the hard way, but it taught me a lot. I write about the story that taught me this lesson in my book.

I lost the ESPN deal because I didn't ask for help

As a negotiator, I would say it is all about the relationship. But it is important not to get clouded by the emotions of the associated relationship. But what do you do when it gets in the way?

Shift Happens

We don't always notice when shift happens. Can you tie the passion you found in your first role with what you do today?

Seriously, thanks for the feedback

We all have a different relationship with feedback, an ever-changing relationship based on the quality and/or the level of trust between the parties.

What-what? Get Excited about Feedback?

Great feedback creates relationships that enjoy trust and humor. I live for trust and humor!

Suffer in Silence

In our Torino station wagon going across country, my Dad would say, “Suffer in Silence.” As a kid I knew that meant to keep my complaints to myself, we are all hot, tired and thirsty. But who knew silence was such a power strategy? Thanks Dad!

Power frame = professional success

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