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Power frame = professional success

Create Networking Muscle Memory

Quick Prep is a Quick Tip

Quick tips are the best way to learn something to put in place immediately.

Your business card, your source of confidence?

I did not realize my confidence came from the position I held, until I lost it.

What-what? Get Excited about Feedback?

Great feedback creates relationships that enjoy trust and humor. I live for trust and humor!

Suffer in Silence

In our Torino station wagon going across country, my Dad would say, “Suffer in Silence.” As a kid I knew that meant to keep my complaints to myself, we are all hot, tired and thirsty. But who knew silence was such a power strategy? Thanks Dad!

Don’t listen to feedback

Feedback and growth are directly related. But all feedback is not equal. Sometimes you should make note of it so that you can hear it at the right time when you can take from it the most impactful insights for you.

10 networking essentials that will put you in the drivers seat!

I know I need to network, but I won't like it!

Finding Purpose

This is what people are always searching for. Finding your purpose should not be a check-the-goal box toward a purpose statement.

Wake UP! Wake Up! It's FINALS week!

Should we apply the finals week notion to our professional space?