Susie's Expertise

Experienced. Proven. Powerful.

A Trusted Partner

  • Deep negotiation expertise honed over a 20-year sales career

  • $80 million portfolio of business including Fortune 100 firms

  • 10 years as a career coach

  • Certified International Executive and Clifton Strengths Coach

  • Developed the P.A.C.E. Framework for Successful Dealmaking

  • Developed the proprietary CLAW negotiator mindset framework

  • Graduate of Betsy Magness Institute & International Coaching Academy

  • Published author and TEDx speaker

  • Host of “Leaders with Leverage” podcast

  • Host of “Adopting a Negotiation Mindset” show on BizTV

Individual Coaching

There are many executive coaches out there but only one Susie Tomenchok. Her ability to help leaders adopt a negotiator mindset as an essential driver of success is unique in the industry. When you work with Susie as your coach, you will clearly understand your value, learn to advocate for yourself, and

manifest greater confidence in the workplace. You’ll also benefit from the kind of sage advice and wise counsel that only comes from experience as you learn to maneuver challenges at work and in life.

Group Training

It doesn’t matter if you lead a company, a division, a department, or a team; if you interact with people, you are negotiating every day whether you know it or not. How successfully you do that depends largely on adopting a negotiator mindset. If you fail to understand the interpersonal dynamics of your organization, don’t appreciate your unique value the value of others, and are unable to successfully navigate challenges of all kinds, you are literally forfeiting your potential daily. Susie routinely works with

people in a small group setting, helping them appreciate each other’s strengths, quirks, work styles, and communication dynamics.


I've had the privilege of guiding a diverse range of professionals, from emerging talent to top-tier executives, helping them grasp their worth and confidently steer their career trajectories.

In today's workplace, understanding and adopting a negotiator’s mindset isn't just beneficial—it's essential.

My services are more than just another coaching session. My mission is to help leaders successfully navigate life by adopting a negotiator mindset.

The goal? To ensure you thrive like never before in your personal and professional life.

But here's what I believe will set our journey apart: connection. Every individual, team, or organization I meet has a distinct story and a unique aspiration.

My proven process is flexible, with a framework that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each audience.

As we get to know each other, I’ll tailor my approach so our collaboration is impactful, personal, and meaningful.

  • Your Way: Achieving Career Success Everyday

  • No More Toxic Politics: Cultivating Workplace Influence

  • The Key to Exceptional Leadership: Adopting A Negotiator's Mindset

  • The Art of Internal Influence: Strong Leaders Create Business Impact


Sometimes, you don’t even know what you need; you just know what you’re doing now isn’t working. At some point, everyone encounters obstacles, pitfalls, and roadblocks in their life. Gaining perspective and executive-level insights from an experienced, trusted advisor who understands these challenges and how

to negotiate them can often mean the difference between “stuck” and “solved.”

  • Discovery and analysis

  • Corporate culture

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Understanding leverage

  • Strategic consulting

  • Sounding board