A negotiation mindset is essential to effective leadership. Without it, you forfeit your potential every day.

Susie Tomenchok is the foremost expert on adopting a negotiator mindset for personal and professional success. She specializes in helping business leaders like you to navigate your personal and professional life by providing speaking, coaching, and advice through the powerful lens of leverage.

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We provide several proven paths to help you arrive at a negotiation mindset.

Who We Help

If you’re a smart, driven leader on the rise who is always looking to grow, and you understand the valuable role experts can play in that growth, you’re in the right place.

Does this sound like you?

How We Help

  • Boost your confidence in advocating

  • Improve your negotiation skills and confidence

  • Develop professional self awareness

  • Deepen professional accountability

  • Sounding board and advisor

  • Executive-level advice for confident decision making

Why It Matters

  • Lead with assurance

  • Feel empowered and capable

  • Step into your value and self worth

  • Appreciate feeling strong in your role

  • Grow your influence to make a difference


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