The Negotiator Mindset

Negotiator Mindset™

What is a Negotiator Mindset and why does it matter?

Honestly, the whole idea of negotiation gets a bad rap. In fact, for some people the idea of deliberately entering a discussion where roadblocks, obstacles, differing goals are central to the conversation is right up there with public speaking. And that’s a problem.

A Negotiator Mindset™ is a decision to be intentional about the way you move into conversations, be that with a coworker, a supervisor, or even a spouse. It’s shifting the way you approach any given situation, seeking the best possible outcome over simply “winning.” It means you are prepared, flexible, objective, clear, and confident in your dialogue—not shrewd, aggressive, and selfish.

A Negotiator Mindset™ is neither manipulative nor combative. In fact, I believe it’s the key to professional and personal success.

The Negotiator Mindset TM - Skills to Advance Your Career

These interactive courses empower your team to navigate complex situations and achieve better results.

These workshops will equip your leaders with the skills to adopt a negotiator mindset to navigate challenging situations with emotional agility and build influence to create a positive impact in their role and as a collective.

Through practical tools and sociological insights, participants will gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and learn to leverage that knowledge to build trust and achieve positive outcomes within their organizations.

By the end of these courses, your team will be better equipped to handle high-stakes situations, navigate workplace politics, and collaborate more effectively to drive success.


Negotiation Tips



The Book

In The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation, share and expand upon these same techniques to help you:

  • Understand the essential steps to take before entering into a negotiation so you are well-prepared and set up for success

  • Learn how to discover what the other party really wants so you can negotiate from a position of strength

  • Shift your mindset to see “no” as an opportunity to negotiate

  • Start advocating for yourself instead of sabotaging yourself

  • Discover how to overcome your fears, boost your confidence, and truly embrace a Negotiator Mindset™

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