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These days, business as usual is anything but. The pandemic, technology, distributed teams, working from home, and shifting views of work itself have amplified the need for employers to tune in and respond to these new dynamics if they hope to attract and keep quality employees—not to mention build high-functioning, high-performing teams, AND trusting teams.

I help companies address four key areas that can impede your progress and cost you significant time and money in terms of turnover, production, and conflict resolution. Left unaddressed, these challenges can even threaten to derail your company. Either way, ignoring them is neither a strategy nor a good business decision.

Susie Tomenchok Leadership for teams

Sense of Purpose

Your company’s mission, vision, and values are just the beginning. Today’s workforce needs to know that the work they do is meaningful personally, not just corporately. Social responsibility, community involvement, engagement, and personal and professional fulfillment weigh heavily in the employment mix right alongside compensation, benefits, and flexible schedules.


Colaborative Culture

I work directly with teams to help them adopt a Negotiator Mindset, which empowers them to support one another in important meetings, pressure situations, and during any kind of negotiation. I help them understand when to apply strategies and how to leverage language to support one another in high-stakes situations. Participants learn to leverage their individual and collective strengths, proactively advocating for themselves, their colleagues, and the team as a whole.


Situational Awareness

The ability to accurately assess the needs and motivations of people in any given situation (including yourself), along with any associated dynamics, is an essential skill for both negotiation and interpersonal communication. The C.L.A.W. approach empowers leaders to approach difficult conversations and high-stakes situations with confidence, adjusting to ensure others' perspectives align with the way you want to be known and understood.


Building and Leveraging Influence

Sadly, training and development is often an afterthought—a necessary evil in response to a problem instead of a strategy for growth, efficiency, productivity, and business continuity. Lack of training, little to no continuing education, and undefined career paths make for uninspired, disengaged, and lower performing teams. Moreover, without these systems in place, undocumented institutional knowledge may be lost over time as key employees leave or retire.


Corporate Solutions

We offer several corporate solutions tailored specifically to your unique situation.

Senior Leadership Coaching

I not only coach C-level executives, I also work with senior leadership teams and emerging leaders as well—either one on one or in small groups.

  • Negotiator mindset

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication

Team Training

Sometimes the best solution is to work with entire teams, with or without managers and/or team leaders depending on your unique situation.

  • Small group settings

  • Candid, professional interactions

  • Safe, confidential sharing

Motivational Speaking

As an experienced motivational speaker, I understand the impact a single message received by an entire audience at the same time can have on a company.

  • Large and medium-sized audiences

  • Proven topics customized for your needs

  • Follow-up strategies for optimal retention

Custom Programs and Consulting

In additional to using established tools like Clifton Strengths, I’ve developed my own proprietary systems to help bring about positive change on a program level.

  • P.A.C.E. framework for successful dealmaking

  • C.L.A.W. framework for adopting a negotiator mindset

If your leadership could use some new lessons, consider this a teachable moment.


What Our Clients Say

"Negotiation is something so many of us dislike, avoid, and talk ourselves out of doing. What I love about Susie Tomenchok's book is that she first helps reframe your mindset about negotiation. And then makes you realize how many more opportunities there are all around us, particularly at work where the stakes are high. She provides practical and relatable examples and tactics that helped me easily translate her stories and lessons learned into my own working experiences. A fantastic read for anyone looking to elevate their game in the workplace."

Cara Athmann

Chief Technology Officer

"Susie is a leader, a coach and a teacher. Her book is a helpful guide and a positive fresh look at the art of negotiation."

Alex O’Brien

CEO Cardinal Group Companies

"As the leaders and influencers of tomorrow are formed and shaped…meaningful, values-based content makes a material difference. Susie Tomenchok speaks directly and thoughtfully to this audience, while driving home a very practical approach to negotiation."

Todd Porch

President, Strategus