Finding a coach is like dating.

The right one can make all the difference.

We are all in the midst of shifts.

A silent partner accelerates the shifts.

Without me paying them to say it (I promise!)

I recently moved into a new role and quickly learned that my new team was craving more personal development. I immediately reached out to Susie to help me navigate a path forward knowing of her expertise in coaching and how to best leverage a team’s collective strengths. Susie worked her wonders and shaped a thoughtful framework for my team's ongoing development. As a result of her efforts and collaboration, my eNPS motivation scores soared to 70+. The team survey verbatims consistently sighted the benefits of the work we were doing with Susie. Her expertise has helped me establish a sustainable foundation to better support my team's career growth planning. I highly recommend Susie when you want to “level up” your team's development and motivation."


VP, Fortune 50 company

Susie has elevated my game professionally and helped me advance my career. Not only is Susie an amazing coach but she is the best mentor. She is always there for me whenever I need support and guidance. There is no one better in the industry!”


VP, ReMax International

Susie has amazing insights into people and building effective relationships. I have leveraged Susie as a coach both personally and for my broader team. Her ability to help people reflect, identify their strengths, and create plans to leverage those strengths has been a huge part of my growth as a leader. When working with Susie, I feel you are getting a much more personalized experience based on your unique needs rather than taking any type of “out-of-the-box” trainings that are traditionally offered.”


VP, Fortune 50 company

Susie pretty much taught me how to stop, think and never send an email when angry. Emotionally charged emails were the very thing that was doing my career way more damage than good. Today I’m much more successful because of it and I owe it all to Susie.”


Marketing Executive

We have been on a mission to provide skills and tools for the leaders across the organization. Susie's individualized strength-based coaching has been extremely successful in driving skill development and engagement for our team. Because Susie is able to tailor the coaching for the individual, it is so much easier for people to understand how to make the professional changes they want to make. She's had a huge impact across the org."


CTO, Cardinal Group Companies

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During our short time together, I think you will find that I am pretty nice and

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