But my boss guides my development.

Commit to accelerating your career development by partnering with an

executive coach. Your boss develops you for the position, you need to

think beyond your today.

Find your potential quickly with the support of someone whose only motive is helping YOU.

Do you want to win more often?

You need the right coach.

Our programs

bring people


Other ways I can help.

Executive Coaching | CliftonStrengths and Negotiation Team Building | Speaking Engagements

✓ You will receive unbiased feedback to support you while working through goals, challenges, and insecurities

✓ I will help you develop emerging leaders and support the bonding of your team while identifying their strengths

✓ I will train your team on how to make negotiation a key aspect of their lifestyle

✓ If you invite me to speak at your next meeting, I’ll inspire your team to become the best version of themselves

Executive Coaching

Strengths and Negotiation Team Building


I will work with you to determine

where you excel and where you might shift so that you are prepared for every situation.

Take your team from good to great:

• I will teach your team to understand and appreciate each other’s

strengths and quirks

• We will create a foundation for the team by enhancing collaboration

and respectful team dynamics

• Let’s discuss negotiation skills that will

enhance every social interaction and

create more opportunities

People like to hear me talk about the art

of everyday negotiation, how to build

awesome teams, and how

to ask for what you want.

“I am doing fine, I can do it on my own.”

I get it. You may think that you don’t need a coach. Well everyone needs a coach – ask a

successful executive whether they got there alone. Most don’t figure that out until late in their


We can easily sabotage our confidence when we go it alone. We struggle with the same mindset

challenges and we think it is “just me.”

I will see things that you can’t see on your own.

If not me, invest in yourself and find a coach who brings out your best.

And don’t forget: negotiation is a necessary professional skill. It can become as easy as riding a bike.

Once you learn the tricks that work for you, you’ll be ready when it matters most!

Schedule a time with me so we can see if there is a fit between you and any of my services!


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