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The Power of Advocating For Yourself

I had this interview where I was asked how people advocate for themselves. I realized then that advocating for yourself is a difficult concept to grasp sometimes, that’s why I decided to explain a little bit more about my perspective on this in this episode.

Creating your Impossible List

Is there something you've always wanted to do but never got to do because you believe it is just "impossible"? You’re not alone! Join me in this solo episode as I tell you what an impossible list is and how this list is going to get you closer to accomplishing those goals or dreams, even when we have that voice inside trying to tell us otherwise.

Jenelle Champlin | Operations Executive at Comcast

Jenelle Champlin, an executive at Comcast and a dear friend of mine, joins us in this episode to talk a little about her background, her amazing career experience, and how her positive attitude when facing challenges has helped her along the way.

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I love listening to the perspectives shared from women in Sr leadership roles. We all go through so many similar situations, it really does help to hear someone else’s point of view and how they’ve navigated their experiences so that the tough situations don’t feel so isolating. I look forward to hearing future episodes!

– CGitler32

Advice you can use today!

This is a great podcast! Practical advice from networking to negotiations... Thanks, Susie Tomenchok, for bringing amazing folks like Regina Hutchinson to us.

– my two thumbs

5 stars!

Practical, real advice that you can use in every aspect of your life. So insightful, smart, and inspiring.

– LCassidyNYC

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